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EYTraker Pro discontinued

********************** Important Update ******************************

****  Due to parts unavailability the EYTraker is no longer available  ****

Please follow this Link for the EYTraker Pro Page

New pictures have been uploaded to the Picture Gallery Section

The APRS-ZA Java server now has a fixed IP address and is hosted by GamCo in Rosebank. This change will provide power supply and network connectivity redunduncy for the APRS community in South Africa.

Status Page: http://www.aprs-za.com:14501

UIView Web Server: http://www.aprs-za.com

- The APRS identifier for the EYTraker has been updated to APCLEY from the original APGPRS. This identifier  conforms to the APRS identifier list. The list can be found here: APRS UNProto List

- The EYWeather APRS identifier has been updated to APCLWX from the original APEYWX. This identifier  conforms to the APRS identifier list.

- The latest EYTraker Software version:

  • EYTraker V2: PCB V2 - Firmware V3.37        (Obsolete)

  • EYTraker V3: PCB V3 - Firmware V4.14        (Final Firmware version  : Full support but no further changes will be made)

  • EYTraker Pro V4: PCB V4 - Firmware V5.12  (Current Firmware version : Full support)


The EYTraker unit was designed as part of a new generation of APRS tracking devices that will add to the growing number of units that currently support live and realtime APRS tracking. The unit is different from the current tracking units available from various sources, based on the fact that the tracking unit does not use conventional HAM frequency RF technology, but rather utilises the GSM band, in particular the GPRS functionality, of the GSM system to relay APRS packets.

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The EYTraker unit incorporates a complete realtime APRS tracking solution by providing the user with an onboard GPS device, a Quad band OEM GSM module with SIM card holder and an integrated micro-controlled management system to control the OEM modules.

There is no need for any additional radio or GPS equipment, the EYTraker does all the tracking work for you, in a small form factor, directly onto UIView or any APRS compatible software systems, ANYWHERE in South Africa!

The tracking unit will operate accross South Africa where there is GSM coverage. This fact being the big advantage of this tracking Unit, there is no need to be within the range of an APRS digi peater for this unit to function and relay position.

Please refer to the links on the left for more information on what the EYTraker looks like, what it can do and how to get hold of your own unit.

EYTraker PIC software is written using PROTON IDE from Crownhill running on a PIC 18F252.

***** Please Note: EYTraker is only available to Licenced Radio Amateurs *****

Please drop me an email if there is any additional information that is not covered on this website.

Realtime APRS tracking HERE

APRSTM is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga WB4APR.

Last Updated: 20 May 2012

Contact: zs6ey@eytraker.com


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